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CharityChoice is administered by Special Kids Fund (SKF), Inc. a 501c3 charitable umbrella organization benefiting special needs children. Tax I.D. # 58-2550249 SKF was founded in 2000 and CharityChoice was the nonprofit pioneer (2004) and is a leader in recipient-designated charity gifts.

The CharityChoice broad-based menu of charities for redemption consists of over 150 carefully selected, major National and large regional charities.  We offer an additional list with more national and many local causes. Charities may apply for inclusion, online at our website.  The charity listings are organized into 14 categories of social welfare; including, Children, Disaster Relief, Health, Disabilities, Elderly, Hunger, Military charities and more. 

SKF/CharityChoice has a certified yearly audit by the highly respected regional firm of Withum Smith + Brown. WS+B has been rated amongst the “Best of the Best” accounting firms by INSIDE Public Accounting.

For more  information visit us at or call at 732-397-5056.

Donation FAQs

How does the donation process work?

Purchasers of GiveCard® prepaid cards have an opportunity to give something special: cash value for the GiveCard recipient to buy exactly what they want, PLUS a donation to support their favorite charity. The purchaser of the GiveCard (the purchaser) allows the recipient of the GiveCard (the recipient) to choose from a list of hundreds of nonprofits when they activate the card at While the recipient names the charity, the purchaser is the donor of any charitable contribution amount from the GiveCard. Giving Tree partners with a great 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Charity Choice to make this work. Charity Choice provides a list of nonprofits worthy of consideration for future donation disbursement. Charity Choice handles the paperwork, receiving the donations and getting them to the charities requested by card recipients.

Are donations made through tax deductible? 

Yes, the full value of donations made through purchases are tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law. Obviously, the portion the recipient can use to buy exactly what they want in not deductible.

Who gets the tax deduction and how do I get a tax receipt? 

The purchaser receives the tax deduction for any donations made through the site. Donations are made to The Special Kids Fund, a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit and from there to nonprofits recommended by the recipients. The purchaser receives a tax receipt from Charity Choice Gift Cards via e-mail. A history of donations and tax receipts are also available through Charity Choice Gift Cards

How and when does a donation get to charities requested by recipients?

Giving Tree processes donations on a quarterly basis and mails donation checks by the end of March, June, September, and December. So, if a card recipient activates a card and suggests a charity to receive a donation on April 20th, the donated funds should reach that charity by the end of June.

What personal information is collected?

Giving Tree collects the purchaser's name, e-mail address and physical address at Upon card activation, we also collect the card recipient's name and e-mail address. We only share this data with Charity Choice Gift Cards to provide a valid tax receipt and for reporting purposes to the IRS.

What are the donation processing fees?

Donations made from the purchase of GiveCards are subject to a processing fee of 9% of the donated value. Thus, for a standard GiveCard with a $10 donation value, we will retain $0.90 of the donation for its expenses. The full $10 donation value will be tax-deductible by the purchaser.