Using Your Card

Download complete instructions (Requires the free Adobe PDF Reader)


When using the card towards a purchase, please do the following (Items 1-7)


  1. 1. Have the cashier determine — total amount of the purchase, including taxes, shipping & handling, etc.

  2. 2. First — pay the amount that is in excess of your prepaid card balance (if any) — with cash, credit card or check.

  3. 3. Next — have the cashier process the balance with your prepaid card using it as signature card (credit) product.

  4. 4. Please be aware — any purchase that exceeds the balance available on your card will be declined.

  5. 5. Some merchants may not accept “split” transactions: (as in 2 & 3 above) for example, paying part of the purchase with this card and the balance with another form of payment such as another credit card, cash, etc…..

  6. 6. Gasoline Purchase: the prepaid card cannot be used for “Pay at the Pump”. Must be paid for at the cashier desk.

  7. 7. Restaurant Use: When using the card at a restaurant, an “up charge” of up to 25% will be automatically calculated and “temporarily” added to the total amount of the bill when authorized through their credit card terminal. This ensures that you have funds available to cover the total bill plus tip. Your card account will not be charged the calculated “up charge” should you choose to pay the tip in cash. To avoid any problems with the temporary “up charge” at the time of authorization, make sure the total amount of the bill does not exceed 70% of the existing balance on your prepaid card.